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Introducing Gotta Charge

Say goodbye to portable charging banks.

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Main Features

One-time recyclable phone charger

Beautifully Portable

No bigger than a pack of gum and even lighter than that. Carry this in your back pocket as an alternative to bulky charging packs.

Multi-Device Support

Works with both iPhone and Android devices. One size fits all charger so no need to buy different version for different phones.

Recyclable Materials

Safely dispose of your charger and help the environment at the same time. Gotta Charge is 100% recyclable and uses safe materials.

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Travel Sized

Pack as many as you want in your schoolbag, your briefcase, or your carry on. Gotta Charge is extremely portable.

Disposable Charger

Single use only. Use it and toss it, it's that simple. No more bulky power banks, get introduced to Gotta Charge.

Recyclable Materials

We think towards a healthier environment. Gotta Charge is made of recyclable materials and it 100% compostable.

Bulk Pricing Available

Interested in buying in bulk? We thought you might be. Contact us today for wholesale quantity pricing.

Stay Charged

Never leave home without a Gotta Charge pack. It's small in size and light in weight so will never bring you down. When you gotta charge, you need Gotta Charge.

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People Are Talking

Highly Recommend!

"These things are awesome. A single disposable Gotta Charge gives my iPhone X a full charge within 25 minutes. This comes in handy a lot more than you'd expect. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who owns a smart phone."

Erik Barber

Awesome charger

"So how this was kept a secret for so long is beyond me! I use these constantly. As a world traveler, I always need my phone on full charge and this makes that easier than ever. Thank you!"

Annie Vega

One of the 2018 simple yet effective inventions!

"I travel constantly and this is now as important to me as my passport is. I never leave home without at least one so I'm protected on the go."

Sean Ramsey